Visco Revolution King Box Top Memory Foam Mattress by Bed Boss
  • Visco Revolution King Box Top Memory Foam Mattress by Bed Boss

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$ 1,699.95

SKU: 15K

This exquisite memory foam mattress cradles you in deep comfort layers, forming to the exact shape of your body for proper spinal alignment and maximum pressure relief. The elegant box top design delivers extra cushioning at the surface for an ultra soft, pillowy feel. The mattress cover is made from Viscose, a wood cellulose fiber known for its softness and breathability. A layer of bamboo-infused memory foam is quilted to the cover for extra cooling power at the surface, keeping you at a comfortable sleep temperature all night long. A base layer of poly foam delivers the sturdy body support you need. Made from natural, renewable, and toxin-free materials, this luxurious memory foam mattress is a safe, healthy, and environmentally-friendly addition to your home. Foundation not included.

This mattress is part of the Visco Revolution Collection

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